Q: I can’t login, and I already reset my password, why?
A: Yes, the options are mandatory, but you have the choice to give cash instead, which equals the local mid-range living standard.

Q: I don’t know where to find the “iframe” to put the video in my portfolios/projects?
A: Go to you youtube link on your computer (not mobile)/ Click on SHARE, then EMBED. Copy the iframe code which looks like this example:
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/CWTCSe4ad30" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Click and copy them into your Artrvl video code, it’s done!

Q: What is portfolio?
A: Portfolio is a collection of art works from artists. It’s used to apply for cool Artrvl projects.

Q: What is project?
A: Project is an initiate from art host to invite artist to travel to another country to create. It requires hosts to offer artists hospitality and more.

Q: What happens next once I post my portfolio?
A: Browse https://artrvl.com/projects to find projects you are interested, and apply for it.

Q: What happens next once I post my projects?
A: You can check your email once a while, including your spam about notifications from artists applications, Come back to Artrvl, go to you profile > your project > applicants Check every applicants’ previous portfolios, Message them about schedule, sketches Confirm to invite your favorite one - if you are 100% sure. You can also discover existing artrvlers on the platform, and invite them directly to apply for your project, if you are signed in, you can see the “invite artist” button.

Q: Can I exchange personal contacts with artists and hosts?
A: Yes, at your free will, you can do so in Conversations. But if you are an artist, make sure the host will confirm you on artrvl.com as a chose artist, so we can track the project and later you can rate hosts and show off your art which transforms the space; If you are an art host, make sure the artist is 100% sure about their travel schedule, then confirm them as the chosen artist, once you confirm an artist, you can not revise the invite. So be picky about your choice. Later you can rate artist and upload images of your projects to show off your space. We only want serious artrvlers and serious art hosts.

Q: I didn’t get reply from artists / hosts? What should I do? I’m anticipated.
Don’t stress, get in touch with us, we will check with them if they are not interested or too busy to reply immediately.

Q: I want to get answers from Artrvl quicker.
A: Contact us here.

WhatsApp: +1 (310) 755 4030

Facebook ID: luannalita

Email: luanna@artrvl.com

How does it work - for art hosts

Exchange and experience, your way

Easy and reliable use

1. add a project, add a portfolio

2. send application, invite an artist

3. communicate & communicate

4. confirm schedule, confirm offers

5. meet in person, mission accomplished

6. review & rating

Give flexible offers. What types of offers do we recommend at www.artrvl.com?

  • Hospitality: hotel, homestay; breakfast, food stipend.
  • Cash: pocket money or financial commission.
  • Service: uber, motrobike, bicycle, scuba-diving course, food course, manicure, gym
  • Products: camera, fashion, watch, insurance, flight tickets, gold
  • Future offers: give offers for artists to use in the future.

How does it work - for artrvlers

Projects include art-making, workshops, exhibitions, and other art activities. What types of artists are available at artrvl.com?

  • Art: painting, illustration, art installation, wall art, photography, drawing, 3D art, sculpture, paper art, street art, light art, CG art, and more
  • Design: crafts, fashion design, styling, industrial design, graphic design, architecture, and more
  • Perform: music, dance, performance, and more
  • Video: film, animation, stop motion, and more.